Nastasia Černovski.
Ethnic jewellery

Beauty, self-confidence, femininity are a language that can be learned. Each culture has its own secrets of image perfection and its own language of beauty. Every jewellery by Nastasia Černovski is a cross-cultural journey that leads you through different times, eras and traditions. The result of such a journey is a modern rethinking of archetypes, symbols, cultural codes. Findings in history and cultures are reflected not only in the design of jewellery, but also in the design of the brand and packaging. Based on the semantics of images and symbolism of Old and New Worlds, we have created our own language of female beauty, not only in the lyrical sense, but also in the most direct. We have created the alphabet. Its letters are symbols that have been used for centuries in the cultures of different countries and peoples. Each jewellery, each packaging is a letter, which has its own meaning and a whole cultural section. Enriching the collection of jewellery, you compose new words, discover new meanings, create your own language of beauty, charm, romance and self-confidence. You create yourself. Nastasia Černovski is about creations for the best creatures.
Agency: SOLL
Creative Director: Dmitry Chigirin
Idea: Irina Vasilyeva
Art Director: Dmitry Krasnov / Irina Vasilyeva
Senior Designer: Irina Vasilyeva
3D Artist: Alexey Avduevsky
Animation: Nikita Ryumishin
Account Director: Sergey Kovalev
Account Manager: Tanya Borisova
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